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Evidence Based Birthwork

Birth workers often strive to promote evidence-based care. However, most doula training courses do not provide any education to support this commitment. This course is designed to equip birthworkers with this skillset. By the end of this course, doulas and other birthworkers will feel confident reading primary research articles, remaining in their scope while offering effective advocacy, and discussing birth-related evidence with clients. 

Core Competencies

July 6 + 7

Edmonton, AB​

9 am to 4 pm, 2024

In person ($475 per person) & virtual ($375) options available. $200 deposit due upon booking.

Certificate of attendance will be provided.

Minimum 4 participants required to run the course.


finding reputable information

  • Become familiar with common academic search engines

  • Evaluate the strength of research findings

  • Develop a basic framework to evaluate research methodology

  • Understand how to interpret basic statistical reporting

the Canadian guidelines

  • Review the most recent guidelines on: 

    • Labour induction​

    • Fetal monitoring

    • Management of spontaneous labour

    • Postpartum interventions 

advocacy in scope

  • Steps to ensure that patient safety and autonomy is the central focus

  • Collaborative practice as an evidence-informed support person

  • Supporting your client's advocacy efforts

making evidence accessible

  • How to discuss complex evidence with clients

  • How to talk about risk

  • Creating client resources 

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