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exploring evidence

Class Objective:

This class was designed to provide expectant families with access to research findings pertaining to birth. After taking this class, we hope that you will feel comfortable with the "why" behind common practices and alternatives.

Intended Audience:

This class was designed for families who would like to become deeply familiar with the evidence surrounding common interventions and alternatives. While we did our best to make this information accessible to everyone, those who are comfortable with academic materials and/or have a strong desire to learn will find this course most digestible.

Topics Covered

  • Evidence on common interventions such as IV fluids, induction, augmentation, fetal monitoring and pain medications

  • Guidelines surrounding several interventions

  • Evidence on non-medical alternatives such as acupuncture, breast stimulation, and doulas

Topics Not Covered

  • Content that allows one to make medical recommendations; this requires formal training from a recognized institution

  • The basics of birth & comfort measures (taught in Birth Basics)

  • In depth information specific to the birth partner (taught in Advocacy & Support) - Tools to support advocacy (taught in Advocacy & Support)

  • Breastfeeding & the fourth trimester

A Note: Becoming acquainted with evidence requires caution and awareness. It is often tempting to feel that evidence is truth, when it simply represents findings supported by the scientific method. We have done our best to present balanced and relevant findings however given the vast amount of constantly evolving findings we encourage you to think critically at all times. No medical advice is presented as this should always be provided by a qualified healthcare professional.

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