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birth basics

Class Objective:

This class was designed to familiarize expectant families with birth, focusing on both the mind and body. After taking this class, we hope that you will feel confident in your ability to birth and be equipped with techniques to help manage pain and support a positive birth experience.

Intended Audience:

This class was designed with first time parents in mind, but would also be appropriate as a refresher for subsequent births. Content is equally applicable to families with midwifery, family doctor, and obstetrical care.

Topics Covered

- Pre labour through to immediate postpartum
- Strategies to help navigate each stage
- Common comfort measures and discussion of when they are typically most helpful

- Introductory evidence on select topics such as pushing positions
- A brief introduction into pain medications and common interventions
- The hormones associated with birth and how one can influence them

Topics Not Covered

- In depth evidence on pain medications, interventions and alternatives (taught in Exploring Evidence)

- Comparison of evidence based care to standard practice
- In depth information specific to the birth partner (taught in Advocacy & Support)

- Tools to support advocacy (taught in Advocacy & Support)

- Breastfeeding & the fourth trimester

A Note: This class is meant to be introductory and thus wil not cover all birth-related topics in great depth. However, we have attached several resources that provide more extensive information and also offer additional courses to expand your knowledge.

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