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advocacy & support

Class Objective:

This class was designed to provide expectant families with tools to support informed choice, build birth preferences, and support the birthing person. After taking this class, we hope that you will feel confident in your knowledge of alternatives, ability to advocate for your wishes, and skills to be a supportive birth partner.

Intended Audience:

This class is designed for families who have a strong desire to be involved in decision making and birth support. Midwifery clients are encouraged to explore this information however the advocacy portion does emphasize experiences more common in hospital settings with nurses and GPs/OBs.

Topics Covered

  • Comparison of Canadian statistical data to best practice recommendations-

  • The difference between birth plans & preferences as well as how to build them - Exploration of alternatives that may be available to you

  • Skills to communicate with your support team & advocate for your wishes

  • Stage-by-stage tools for the birth partner

  • Information on patient rights

  • Findings on the relationship between informed choice and satisfaction

Topics Not Covered

  • The basics of birth & comfort measures (taught in Birth Basics)

  • In depth evidence on pain medications, interventions, and alternatives (taught in Exploring Evidence)

  • Breastfeeding & the fourth trimester

A Note: This class is meant to be introductory and thus wil not cover all birth-related topics in great depth. However, we have attached several resources that provide more extensive information and also offer additional courses to expand your knowledge.

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